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Peus de porc (PIG'S TROTTERS)



Peus de porc (PIG'S TROTTERS)

Peus de porc


If there is a traditional dish admitting all kind of different recipes, these are pig's trotters. They are prepared with mushrooms, chestnuts, snails, chickpeas and prawns, without bones or stuffed, with beans, vinaigrette, sweet wine, with shrimps and caramelized onion, as a carpaccio, stewed, grilled and any other combination that can be imagined in gastronomy.


4 pig's trotters

1 onion

1 tomato

6 toasted almonds

2 garlic cloves

Pepper, parsley

1 boiled egg

200 gm prunes

200 gm carrots


Cut the trotters in halves and cook them in water, stirring. Remove from water and when dry, flour and fry. In the same oil, fry lightly the onion and tomato, strain everything and put it in a pot. In a mortar, crunch the almonds, garlic, parsley and the egg yolk; add some hot water to the mixture and pour everything into the pot at a time so the ingredients can be cooked. To finish, decorate with prunes and carrots.