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Dinosaur's land

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Dinosaur's land

Dinosaur's land


You will have the chance to visit the best palaeontological sites in Catalonia, within an unrivalled natural setting, a unique experience you will only enjoy in our region.

The sites

The Isona Museum

The Museum at la Conca Dellà wants you to travel to the Cretaceous period, 65 million years ago. The interesting remains found in the different palaeontological sites in the area will explain the fascinating life of the dinosaurs and the environment in which this incredible animals lived.


Dinosaur's eggs in Basturs

The palaeontological site in Basturs is unique worldwide due to the great number of dinosaur's eggs found here. The eggs have an approximate diameter of 20 cm. These eggs are the main attraction you can see in the rocky environment, thanks to its round shape and, mainly, to the pale colour of the shell.

Footprints at Orcau

This important site takes us to a lake landscape in the Cretaceous, today transformed into a sloping rock wall. This wall has conserved dozens of round shaped footprints, due to a group of big herbivorous dinosaurs: the Titanosaurs. These had exceptionally long necks and tails, and their heads were surprisingly small in relation to the rest of their bodies.

Duck-billed dinosaurs at Llau de la Costa

This site is located close to the village of Basturs and conserves a very important group of ichnites, specifically of dinosaur footprints. This unique footprints show clearly the shape of the three toed feet archetypal for the saurians. Scientists think they were left by the herbivorous Hadrosaur, also often referred to as “duck-billed dinosaurs” due to the shape of their snout.

La Posa. A Cretaceous beach

At the ichnites site of La Posa it is possible to see more than 2,000 remains attributed to the feeding activity of the herds at the end of the Cretaceous. The landscape at that point had nothing to do with the current one, as La Posa was located by then at the coastline. You will be surprised to find in the rocks remains on a marine environment, the effects of tides and the habitat for small invertebrates.


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