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Reservoirs and lakes

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Reservoirs and lakes

Reservoirs and lakes


Water is one of the main attractions of the Pallars Jussà and one of its landmarks. Located along the road C-13, which goes across the region from south to north, the Terradets and Sant Antoni reservoirs are a spectacular sight for those travelling in the region. But this sight of quiet waters goes on to the Vall Fosca, where high mountain lakes are combined with reservoirs like the one in Sallent, all of them in an unrivalled setting, surrounded by mountains up to 3,000 metres high.

Reservoirs and lakes

Sant Antoni reservoir

It was built between 1913 and 1916 by the company know as La Canadiense over the river Noguera Pallaresa. At that time it was the biggest retention dam all over Europe and the fourth worldwide. It is currently the deepest freshwater surface in Catalonia.

The name was given by the hermitage of Sant Antoni de Susterris, which was sunk under the waters. The top of the belfry can be seen nowadays when the reservoir is at its lower capacity.

It is ideal to practise all kinds of water sports and to enjoy its quiet beaches, a lot of which are only accessible by boat. In the surroundings it is possible to follow several hiking or mountain bike routes. All these routes are signposted, with information for visitors about their length, height and difficulty.

Terradets reservoir

Located at the foot of the Montsec mountains, it goes from the flat land of the Tremp basin into the Terradets gorge.

There are different routes starting around it to discover the native fauna and flora, rich and varied. It resembles a natural lake due to its calm waters which are almost always at the same level. Its surroundings are ideal to practise water activities, cultural visits, hiking and mountain biking.

Estany Gento

This is one of the lakes of the Jous lake circle, the one located at a lower height. It occupies the centre of a perfect glacier basin, dug into granite rock, presenting the typical amphitheatre shape.

It is 812 m long by 440 m wide. It has a trapezoidal shape.

There is an enclosed pipe from Estany Gento, with a gradient of only 6 metres, that takes the water for 5 km to the Cabdella plant. The plant then uses the 836 metres high waterfall to produce energy.

All this system was projected in 1911 and it was already working in 1914.


There are several companies that offer water sports and adventure sports in the reservoirs and their surroundings. You will also find catering and accommodation.


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