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Gastronomic products


Gastronomic products

Productes gastronòmics


In the Pallars region there are some family run farms, some of them more than hundred year old, which produce excellent meat. One of the most unique and characteristic breeds is the so called Xisqueta sheep, a Catalan native breed which is adapted to the environment of the Lleida Pyrenees. When it comes to veal, the cattle breeds Pyrenean Brown and Salers are the most remarkable. They are strong breeds, adapted to the low temperatures at the Pyrenees. In many cases the transhumance is still practised; during the summer the animals graze in the high mountains of the Vall Fosca and the Vall de Manyanet, while during the winter they go to the lower mountain pastures of the Pre-Pyrenees.

Other organic meat varieties are produced in the region, such as organic pork or organic chicken.


Many bakeries at the Pallars region prepare the bread with traditional techniques, using high quality flour, kneading by hand and baking the bread in a wood stove. Also the cakes follow traditional recipes, and they result in specialities such as the vegetables or spinach pies, anisette pastries, cakes and puffs amongst others.

Biscuits do also have a great tradition in the region, with specialities as famiselles biscuits or Pallars biscuits.


At the markets in the region you will find a wide variety of vegetables grown at our gardens. All of them are organic and seasonal products, which gives them a high quality. You can buy several varieties of tomatoes, such as oxheart or cherry; white, purple or striped aubergines, beetroot, onion, leek, pepper, different types of lettuces such as oak leaf, batavia, lollo, etc. and green beans.


In our region you will find several dairy products, fruit of tradition and innovation as well, as they have been adapted to the needs of the modern clients. You can buy tupí, the most famous cheese speciality of the region, as well as other varieties such as serrat, brossat or llenguat.


Apiculture is an activity with a long tradition in our region. You will find a wide variety of honey products, such as honey from acacia, rosemary, heather, chestnut, forest, holm oak, orange tree, wildflower, meadow flower, high mountain, mint family plants, lavender, eucalyptus, thyme or almond tree.

You will also find a great variety of jams, made with the fruits grown in the Pallars region following a traditional and organic production.

Our region is also a land of oil, where you will find different varieties, some of them still produced in the traditional way.


One of the most famous products in our region is the girella. This is a cooked meat made of rice and lamb offal with more than 500 years of history.

Other specialities include different kinds of sausages, cured and cold meats such as xolís or secallona amongst others.

You will also find other meat specialities, produced as well in the traditional way.


The Pallars Jussà region, halfway between the dry lands in Lleida and the snow at the ski pistes, has an ideal climate to grow vines and produce wine. A Mediterranean climate with harsh temperature variations makes this area unique and gives personality to its wines, produced under the Costers del Segre DO. Our region, especially the lands located at the river basins, is one of the sub-areas of this DO and counts nowadays with various wineries.

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