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Barranc del Bosc trail (The woods' ravine)

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Barranc del Bosc trail (The woods' ravine)

Camí del Barranc del Bosc
Starting point:
Hostal del Llac
Finish point:
Hostal del Llac
Distance: 8,3 km
Time: 2 h 30 min
Ascent: 453 m
Decline: 453 m
Difficulty: Middle
Interest: High


By car, take the turn-off to Llimiana, approximately 1.5 km after Cellers, heading Balaguer on the road C-13. Once you have crossed the reservoir on the bridge, continue to the right on the old road, you will soon cross a tunnel to the reservoir. Cross the bridge of the Terradets dam and you will soon find the C-13 road again. Leave the car about 30 m before and then continue on foot. Cross the C-13 road, you will leave on your right side a tunnel, and continue to the ravine on your right, heading to Barranc del Bosc. The other trail, heading to Roca Regina, is used by climbers and has some especially difficult parts, so it is not recommended at all for families or non experienced people. The trail goes up and you will see on the other side of the ravine the big wall of Roca Regina in all its splendour.

Route map 

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