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Ecotourism guide of Tremp

What to do


Ecotourism guide of Tremp

Places of interest

Casal dels Voltors: information centre located in Torre de Tamúrcia. You can visit an exhibition that will explain you the relationship between livestock and vultures, as well as the main characteristics of different species of carrion birds.

Gurp pens: From the village of Gurp, a short walk will take you at the foot of a conglomerate cliff. In the caves of the rock you can discover the pens, protected by dry-stone walls. And even more, amazing views over the Seròs ravine.

Montllobar tower and viewpoint: The views here are wonderful, you can see the Tremp basin and Conca Dellà, the Montsec mountains, Sant Gervàs and Boumort and, if the day is clear, even the Pyrenees.

Route in Clot de Moles and the Llabustes settlement: Both itineraries are signed with yellow paint marks and take about 2 h 30 m. They start at Vilamitjana or at an abandoned shooting range which you will reach taking the second access to the village. The first one, leaving from Vilamitjana, will take you through a holm oak landscape, the old quarry of Clot de Moles and you will get a glimpse of the Montsec mountains in the distance. The second one will take you to the abandoned medieval settlement of Llabustes.


The Municipality of Tremp is the largest in extension in Catalonia. This area hosts wild, lonely and remote natural spaces offering a unique experience of quietness, combined with the lands worked for ages both by nature and the people.

There are five unique spaces that give you the chance to know this region with a great cultural, natural and scenic value.

Things to do

  • La Terreta and the mountains of Sant Gervás: majestic landscape where you can see the four European vultures (griffon vulture, bearded vulture, Egyptian vulture and black vulture).
  • Gurp and the mountains of Santa Engràcia: Sheer mountains scattered with caves.
  • From Tremp to Pont de Montanyana: An old inner see with a surprising geological past.
  • The Rhododendron mountains: Lunar landscape with big holm oaks and steep ravines.
  • The river Noguera Pallaresa: With the fauna from the river banks and dense woods.

For further information, check the Ecotourism guide


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