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The Pallars Jussà is a privileged region to practise climbing. It is remarkable for having rather contrasting microclimates, which, along with a correct orientation of the walls, makes it possible to practise different modalities of climbing throughout the year: sport climbing, traditional climbing, with different lengths, bouldering, psicobloc, artificial climbing, big wall, ice climbing, etc.

Regarding the variety of rocks, you can find limestone, conglomerate and granite, with different difficulty levels.

Places to practise climbing

The walls in Terradets make this area an ideal spot to practise this wonderful sport. The most important section is the wall of Les Bagasses, followed by the Roca Regina, the wall of Font Freda and the Peladet.

Wall of les Bagasses: This is the most important due to the high number of marked routes as well as the excellent quality of the limestone rocks.

Roca Regina: This is a big wall, more overhanged than the wall of les Bagasses, which was the centre of artificial climbing and had its first route in 71 (Gali – Molero). Despite the rock is not of such a high quality, the height and the fact of being overhanged make it rather attractive to climbers. Some of the routes you can find are: Tropoma, Pere Camins, Swendal or Barrufets.

Wall of lo Peladet: This wall is about 200 m high, it has a great quality rock and is located in front of les Bagasses. Amongst the most well known routes, perhaps because of the impact they had in their time, are Destellos or  Empacho de Garnacho.


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