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Lleràs mountains

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Lleràs mountains

Serra de Lleràs



This mountain range goes from northeast to southwest through the centre of Pallars Jussà. It is a steep massif with a great landscape diversity: big rocky areas, cliffs, big ravines, gorges and caves. Amongst these, its worth mentioning the Valley of Serradell, the CuberesCave, and the ravines of Gurp, Espills or Esplugafreda.

These landscape features have made the population of the area disperse in small settlements, most of them located on hills. These villages lived basically on farming and these economic activities are easily seen in their architecture: the walled caves where the cattle was kept seem to take us to a very remote past, but where actually used by local farmers up to a few years ago.

This area is also an ideal habitat for the carrion birds, especially the Egyptian vulture which has found here a place to settle down and where this species is recovering.


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