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The village of Rivert

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The village of Rivert

The village of Rivert


The village is divided into two neighbourhoods, the main one to the west, with the majority of the houses, the old parish church of Sant Martí, the cemetery and the hermitage of the Mare de Déu which once belonged to the Rivert castle. To the east, on the other side of the stream of Vall, there is the smaller "lo Barri".

The village growing under the rock may have been walled and has a lot of medieval characteristics. This keeps the old times atmosphere despite the modernisation of the streets and houses. You can get here from Sensui and Salàs de Pallars, through the local road that connects this three villages and Santa Engràcia.


Ajuntament de la Conca de Dalt

C/ Bellavia, 32 1-2

25500 La Pobla de Segur

Tel.: 973 680 092



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The village of Rivert
The village of Rivert
The village of Rivert