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Toló Castle

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Toló Castle

Toló Castle


The Toló castle is located on a hill with a difficult access. It has a wide visual control from the Comiols pass to Isona, overviewing the whole Conca Dellà. The bad conservation condition of the fortress makes its interpretation difficult, but the most remarkable elements are the remains of the church of Sant Vicenç in the middle of the area.

One of the most interesting spots is the surroundings of the castle gate, which was elbow shaped, that is, it was necessary to make a right angle turn to access the building below the square tower.


The Toló Castle is mentioned in the 11th century as one of the several fortresses acquired by Arnau Mir de Tost. In the 14th century it was given to the Vilamur viscounty until the 19th century, when it was abandoned and ended up collapsing.


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