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Pirineus Geological Open Museum

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Pirineus Geological Open Museum


The Pirineus Geological Open Museum (PGOM) is an outdoor permanent geology exhibition that shows the history of the Earth, of the life and the Pyrenees.

The tour consists of three areas:

• The Rock Garden. Located in the Parc del Barranc del Joncar, which displays of 13 large blocks of rocks, representative from the Pyrenees.

• The Avenue of the Geological Times.

Located on the Passeig de Pompeu Fabra, which consists of a paved area constructed from different materials, natural and artificial, which shows the evolution of life on Earth and the Earth itself.
As we walk from the northern part of the avenue to the southern part, through the texts and symbols that show the passage of time, and the main events that have taken place during 4.600 millions of years until the present day.

• The Lighthouse. located at the intersection of the Rock Garden and Avenue of the Geological Times. Architectural element that indicates the starting point of the visit and connect two main areas.


PGOM Official audio guide.

Mobile application for free, that allows a self-guided visit of about 75 minutes. Available for Android and IOS, in Catalan, Spanish and English.


Permanent and outdoor exhibition. Free of charge.


Institut Cartogràfic i Geològic de Catalunya

Parc de Montjuïc – 08038 Barcelona

Telèfon: +34 93567 15 00

Correu electrònic:

Centre de Suport Territorial Pirineus

Passeig Pompeu Fabra, 21 - 25620 Tremp

Telèfon: +34 973 65 08 30

Correu electrònic:


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