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Miravet fortified house

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Miravet fortified house

Miravet fortified house


Located in Miravet, in the municipality of Castell de Mur, this was a castle of small dimensions.

It was built on a hill and it is easily seen from the Mur Castle, a fact that may point it out as an advanced tower of this castle to the west.

Despite its poor conservation, we can still interpret the ground plan which reminds us to the neighbouring Mur Castle.

To get here you have to go first to the Mur Castle and, immediately before arriving, take the turn-off to the left. This will take you to the fortified house through an unpaved road.


According to the construction characteristics it may be a 13th century or even 12th century building.


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Miravet fortified house
Miravet fortified house
Miravet fortified house