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La Castanyada (chestnut festival)

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Cultural heritage

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La Castanyada (chestnut festival)


All Saints is probably the most important festivity in autumn. It dates back to the 9th century, and it integrates a large series of rituals, mainly Celtic, previous to Christianity, which were practised to worship the ancestors.

These days, in which the vegetal world shows the cyclic death of nature and the start of a new life with the sown seeds, are the moment to reflect on the  temporary nature of life, the ancestors and the lineage. A lot of habits and beliefs are linked to these days, such as visiting the cemetery and arranging the tombs so that the ancestors protect the descent. In the Pallars Jussà region, like on the rest of Catalonia, it is a tradition to grill chestnuts and eat the traditional sweets with sweet wine. It is common that students sell chestnuts and sweet potatoes to earn money for their school trips.


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