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CIAC Salàs

CIAC Salàs


In this space you will get to know in detail the history of the old retail traditions, with the museum-shops visits organised by the CIAC and the temporary exhibitions.

Different businesses in the old town have been transformed into museums, and visiting them you will travel in time to the recent past of the village. The guided visit will take you to a barbershop, a pharmacy, a café, a tobacconist, a haberdashery, a grocery store, a printing press and a kiosk. You will find details about the last century of traditional retail with the exhibition of everyday products and advertising.

The CIAC, Centre for Interpretation of Old Retail, is also a research centre with the aime of gathering, cataloguing and digitalizing the documents and bibliography about the traditional retail, besides trying to grow with donations, transfers and acquisitions; fostering the research of the Catalan business history, especially in the field of local businesses which are almost unknown due to their small size although had a presence in every small town, such as factories producing bleach, soap, liquors, soda drinks, pasta, biscuits, etc.


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Antigues escoles

C/ Ventura Gasol, 2

25693 Salàs de Pallars

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CIAC Salàs
CIAC Salàs
CIAC Salàs