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Casa Bonifaci

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Casa Bonifaci

Casa Bonifaci


Bonifaci House-Museum of Llimiana reveals the history of Llimiana and the Bonifaci family. This family, originally a farmer, stood out for having four generations of doctors since the beginning of the 19th century, with Josep Bonifaci Mora being the best known of them, due to his medical and political trajectory during the Spanish Civil War and who passed most of the years of the Franco regime in a long exile by different European countries.

The museum, opened in 2007, has several interesting features inside it, such as the magnificent family library of Casa Bonifaci (with a significant part dedicated to medicine) as well as its furniture. Also worth noting is the magnificent panoramic view of the Basin that can be seen from the museum's facilities and the heritage interest of the urban center where it is located.

Price: 3€.


Museu Casa Bonifaci

Pl. Major, 1

25639 Llimiana

Tel.: 973 650 773


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