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Girella is the only sausage using lamb as the main ingredient. The meat is blended with some rice, and depending on the producer, eggs, parsley, bread, bacon, pepper and salt are added.


Lamb offal (intestines, offal and heart)

1 kg lamb (head and neck)

200 gm lean pork

600 gm rice

100 gm bread crumbs

Pepper, salt, six eggs, saffron, garlic, parsley

200 gm ham


Clean the stomach and intestines in boiling water. Boil the offal and heart for twenty minutes. Cut the pork, the ham and the meat of head and neck in small pieces and put them in a pot with rice, eggs, garlic, parsley, saffron, pepper and salt. Mix everything until well blended and fill in the stomach and intestines. Let them dry for half an hour. Once cooked and cooled, cut it in slices and fry it.