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Walled enclosure in Tremp

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Walled enclosure in Tremp

Walled enclosure in Tremp


The whole old town in Tremp was closed by walls and this structure can still be easily seen if you go inside to discover its intertwined streets and alleys.

Despite the remains of the walls no longer exist, three of the towers surrounding them are still in a good condition: the one in the Basílica de Valldeflors (called Torre de la Sagristia), the one in the former Sant Josep school, currently hosting the Epicentre visitors centre (called Torre dels Padres) and the one in Capdevila square (called Torre del Mingo).


First mentions about Tremp date back to 1079 and refer to a donation made in the church by the counts of Pallars Jussà, Ramón V de Pallars and Valença. The population gathered around the church and the suburb of la Pedrera, and some evidences suggest that at this time the town was already walled.


Epicentre- Centre de Visitants del Pallars Jussà

Passeig del Vall , 13

25620 Tremp

Tel.: 973 653 470


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