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Viatges i Rutes 4x4 Ignasi

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Viatges i Rutes 4x4 Ignasi


Rutes Ignasi is a company with more than twenty years of experience located in Tremp. This company is aimed at offering visitors the chance of discovering the natural, historical, artistic and cultural attractions of the central Catalan Pyrenees.

Through a series of specifically designed itineraries you will get to the most beautiful and interesting landscapes and you will discover the history of the region from the dinosaurs times to the most recent times, including the first human settlements of the Neolithic to the traces left by the Iberians, the Romans, or the people of the Middle Ages.


  • Rutes Ignasi offers 8 different routes: 2 of them whole day trips and 6 half-day long.
  • Smugglers' route
  • Boumort route
  • Dolmen route
  • Finestres route
  • Valley of the Vultures route
  • National Park
  • Mont –Rebei


Viajes y Rutas 4x4 Ignasi

Tel.: 626 466 816 (Judit) - 608 130 923 (Ignasi)



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Viatges i Rutes 4x4 Ignasi
Viatges i Rutes 4x4 Ignasi
Viatges i Rutes 4x4 Ignasi